Crete Robbers: A Casey Collins Short Story


Retired intelligence analyst Casey Collins takes a pre-season package tour to the Greek island of Crete. Her bargain vacation should be a perfect way to escape February’s chilly darkness, soak up Mediterranean sunshine, and study Minoan history and culture.

Until she finds that none of the other tour group members will converse in her native language. And they don’t understand her broken version of theirs. Luckily, she doesn’t have to endure two weeks of the silent treatment. Her tour guide Vassilis is fluent in English. And also happy to share his passionate and patriotic love of all things Greek.

Except that today he also shares the unwelcome news that a precious Cretan artifact has disappeared from a local dig site.

Vassilis believes the thief is a member of Casey’s group. A phony tourist ideally placed to smuggle the item out of Greece when the tour ends.

If Vassilis tries to identify a suspect he can name to the police, the thief may destroy the artifact to avoid arrest. If Vassilis names an innocent person, the tour operator will fire him for poor customer service.

Vassilis sees no way to stop yet another priceless Greek cultural treasure disappearing into a private foreign collection. His heart is breaking.

And Casey’s is breaking for him. His hands are tied. But hers aren’t.

Can she identify the thief without being noticed?

A long shot, but for Vassilis’s sake, she has to try.

Read “Crete Robbers: A Casey Collins Short Story” and enjoy tropical weather, Cretan cuisine, and local beer and spirits with the retired heroine of a suspenseful series of non-stop international thrillers.

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MYSTERY, CRIME, AND MAYHEM: Passionate Crimes brings you nine tales of crime set in locations from Nevada to Rwanda, with side trips to Norway, Germany, and Chicago.

Passion causes people to do strange things.

Sometimes criminal things.

Come dip into crimes, great and small, and feel the passion these writers all give to these moments in a person’s life.

Or the last moments of another’s.

I’m delighted that my brand-new short story “Scotched” is in this issue.

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FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd goes undercover in Romania to bust a criminal gang luring impoverished young women into sexual slavery.

Posing with Police Cadet Stela Dragomir as penniless sisters seeking hotel-maid jobs in Western Europe, the two law enforcement agents hope to force Vlad, the gang’s sleazy recruiter, to expose the organization’s bosses.

A high-stakes operation with one big risk. Dawna doesn’t speak a word of Romanian. Pretending to be both mute and deaf, she can’t open her mouth without blowing her cover.

If Dawna can pull this off, she and Stela will nail Vlad, rescue his latest recruits, and stop his gang from victimizing more women.

But if their plan goes wrong, Dawna and Stela could be shipped to Milan’s movable human auction. Will they end up sold to the highest bidders?

To ride along as Dawna and Stela go after some seriously bad dudes, read “Hokey Pokey Bucuresti: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story.”

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Hokey Pokey Bucuresti