Hazmat Heel-and-Toe

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd teams up with a long haul trucker to nail a rogue Department of Transportation safety inspector.

The crooked government employee extorts money from drivers of Middle Eastern appearance who haul hazardous materials through New Jersey.

Under cover as the trucker’s big-haired flashy wife, Dawna has her ears on alert when the inspector leads up to his payoff demand.

Until beribboned Precious, the third member of the team loses her cool.

Will Dawna get her partner under control fast enough to save the op?

A Derringer and Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell draws on her four years as a trucker to explore the problems that arise when a driver doesn’t “look like the rest of the guys out there.”

Read “Hazmat Heel-and-Toe: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” and take a suspenseful trip to New Jersey in a gleaming Peterbilt hauling a tanker full of dangerously corrosive liquid.