Right the Wrong

Right the Wrong - A Nora Dockson Legal Thriller by Diana Deverell

Nora Dockson got out of prison and became a lawyer. Her clients are already behind bars. She’s fighting to free two men sentenced to life for murders they didn’t commit. In a broken criminal justice system, she breaks the rules. And sees a way to expose the lies. Then, her bad-girl past roars into her present. And Nora’s got a tougher challenge: Can she dodge the Devil this time?

In this captivating legal thriller, a fiery young woman battles the inherent inhumanity of a criminal justice system where an innocent man fighting a wrongful conviction faces impossible odds in his struggle for exoneration.

Right the Wrong vividly depicts a woman with a street-fighter’s heart, full of hope and compassion, and yearning to find mercy.

Book Excerpt

An Easy Touch

Channing’s voice grew knowing. “This goes back to your jailhouse lawyer days. You’re not only checking facts for Quinn. You’re on a save-Lisa crusade.”

“She’s like so many women I met inside,” Nora said. “No idea how she got into such big trouble. And not smart enough to save herself.”

An image flashed in her mind, the prison guard tilting the computer screen to show her Lisa’s visitor list for the past five years. Not one name on it.

“Lisa’s completely on her own,” she added. “Hurts me to see her abandoned like that. Feels so unfair. I’m starting to think of her as a potential client.”

“Ah.” Channing’s tone matched her I-get-it expression. “You don’t want Quinn to figure out that’s where you’re headed. Not with his ban on new clients.”

“I get that we risk letting down our current clients if we stretch ourselves too thin.” She jumped to her feet. “But I can’t let this go.”

Channing twisted her mouth into her worried-mom expression. “Better watch out. Lisa could be playing you. Maybe you let her see what an easy touch you are when it comes to female convicts.”

“I’m not,” Nora protested.

Channing sniffed.