Hungarian Dance No. 5

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd’s teaching at Quantico East, the Bureau’s overseas training academy. Tomorrow, she’ll stage a mock bank robbery for the Central European cops who are her students.

Tonight, though, she’s enjoying dinner with the pair of federal agents from other agencies who are on her team. Budapest’s Café Cristal was highly recommended by a local.

The café is also popular with Hungarian gangs, she realizes, when she spots two rival bosses, their lieutenants, and four bodyguards at nearby tables.

Instead of bringing three orders of goulash to her table, their waiter and other restaurant staff disappear. Like they know all Hell is about to break loose.

What’s coming and how can Dawna stop it?

Read “Hungarian Dance No. 5: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” and enjoy the first of sixteen adventures starring the hard-charging FBI Special Agent.