Dallas Hoedown

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd played basketball all four years at the University of Texas. Exactly the right cover to get herself hired by a shady medical equipment manufacturer.

Former college cheerleaders and athletes make up big pharma’s hottest sales force. Winning personalities matter more than scientific training.

The company’s device tested safe for asthma patients. Not for women with histories of preterm labor. Though anecdotal evidence suggests it may help them.

Dawna has more anecdotes. About wannabe moms whose hearts are damaged forever.

She fakes a passion for selling. Closes in on the smooth-talker who gulls unwitting staff into marketing the product illegally. A profit-driven practice that fails to warn pregnant woman they’re risking their own lives.

Dawna’s got only one more training session to catch the company’s wily marketing czar. But her cover is wearing thin.

Can she outsmart her prime suspect?

Or should she try to out-dumb him?

Read “Dallas Hoedown: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” today and enjoy a suspenseful tale about moms, big pharma, and the FBI.