Casey Collins International Thrillers

A smart, single, intelligence analyst, Kathryn Collins goes by her initials—Casey—and tracks terrorists for the State Department’s Office of Counterterrorism. Early on, she’s drawn off her desk job and into the field, entangling herself first with a seductive Polish agent and then falling under the spell of a charismatic Danish operative.

“The scope and importance of the action and issues involved in all of Deverell’s books at first blush seem to say ‘torn from the headlines.’ In reality, they are the details behind the two paragraph story buried on page 27 of your local paper whose lead reads something like ‘stolen plutonium, believed bound for North Korea, has been recovered by agents of (a very anonymous sounding international agency).” –S.E. Warwick, Mystery Reviewer

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Casey Collins Trilogy by Diana Deverell - Book Cover

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