Run & Gun: A Dozen Tales of Girls with Guns

Run & Gun - An FBI Special Agent DaWanda Shepherd Mystery by Diana Deverell Book Cover

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd confronts a Warsaw crime boss, a New York City bounty hunter, and a Homeland Security agent cowboying in the middle of the North Sea, among others. She solves crimes ranging from human trafficking to health care fraud, illegal sports betting, nuclear smuggling, and more. Foiling devious plots from Silicon Valley to Ulan Bator, Dawna shuts down not only the FBI’s most wanted but any crook fool enough to mess with her family.

Titles in this collection: “Hungarian Dance No. 5,” “Boot Scoot,” “Hokey Pokey Bucuresti,” “Polonaise,” “Texas Two-Step,” “Hazmat Heel-And-Toe,” “Dallas Hoedown,” “Silicon Valley Tango,” “Mongol Mash,” “Dubstep,” “Dirty Bop to Blighty,” and “Latin Groove.”

“Boot Scoot” and “Texas Two-Step,” were each nominated for the annual Macavity best short story awards by members of Mystery Readers International.