Con Prince of Copenhagen: A Short Story

Snag "Con Prince of Copenhagen"

Life dropped teenage Toby Nielsen cold turkey into a Danish school. On day two of this adventure, he ends up on a city bus speeding away from his classmates and the place he lives. He’s got no ticket, no clue where he’s headed, and no taxi fare.

His gift of gab works only in English. Clever and silver-tongued, he ruled his Oregon school. But here, he can’t talk people into letting him do as he pleases. He can’t talk himself out of trouble when he gets caught.

A problem because Copenhagen is beyond cool and he wants everything it offers. Toby has to find a way to get over. His own way. Until he owns this place. And he has to start now.

Because nobody’s born a great con artist. You have to make yourself into one.

A Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly) in her international thriller series, Diana Deverell brings you a humorous tale of teenage life. Buy the short story today and enjoy Toby Nielsen’s first published adventure in an international capital.