Black Powder Boogie

FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd wants to have a blast—literally. Based at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, she’s exploding a car bomb and blowing up the crumbling pre-War building beside it.

The ambo himself will give a press conference as part of the kickoff event for the Academy’s new post-blast investigation seminar. A big deal, and if anything goes wrong, her FBI career is toast.

But she planned carefully and she’s confident she has everything under control.

Until her State Department pal Casey Collins who specializes in counterterrorism analysis shows up at the blast site four hours before the event.

Followed by the demolition contractor rep who demands a last-minute inspection of the building.

What’s the disaster they fear will happen? And how high a body count do they predict?

Dawna has to find out fast or more than her career will end today.

Read this riveting short story and explore one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.