12 Drummers Drumming

12 Drummers Drumming - A Casey Collins Counterterrorism Thriller by Diana Deverell Book Cover

The novel begins more than twelve years after events in “Warm Bodies”. A New York-bound flight from England explodes soon after takeoff and Casey fears that her lover was on board. Swiftly embroiled in a twisted series of events that paint her as a terrorist conspirator and a suspect in the airline bombing, Casey becomes a fugitive whose only protection is a small band of skilled agents operating outside of the law.

Book Excerpt

A Very Specific Target

“Somebody had a personal motive for blowing up two hundred and twenty-seven people?”

Harry shook his head. “For blowing up one person. The other two hundred and twenty-six were for free.”

I went over to stand in front of the sliding door. The glass was cool against my forehead. While I stood there, another airliner swooped from the sky and roared down the river toward National.

Harry stood beside me, not touching. When he spoke, his voice was scarcely audible. “He was on it, wasn’t he?”

“Seems pretty likely.” My throat was closing and my words came out thick.

“I’m sorry.” When he spoke again, the consoling tone was gone from his voice. “If he was the target,” Harry said, “they’ll be coming after you next.”