Spokane Sting

Rookie Washington State Trooper Andrea Clark, a supporting player in the Nora Dockson legal thriller series, takes charge in this short mystery story. Underage college students and other kids in car-dependent Spokane County are using fake IDs to buy legal pot and booze.

To halt the rise in traffic deaths caused by inexperienced drivers under the influence of cannabis and alcohol, Andrea puts together a sting operation at Spokane’s Mineshaft Saloon and Dance Hall.

Working undercover as a bouncer, she gambles that luring minors into this drinking den will lead her to the counterfeiter supplying the phony driver’s licenses.

She’s heard from her FBI Agent father about successful stings. And if nothing else, her years in film school equipped her for the undercover role. But will those gifts be enough? Or will the rookie’s bold move fail fatally end her cop career tonight?

“Spokane Sting” takes you undercover in a state where adults can legally buy cannabis and alcohol and under-21-year-olds try to get high without getting caught. Enjoy a thrilling evening at the Mineshaft with Andrea and some misbehaving minors.