Open the Door

Open the Door by Diana Deverell

An ex-con, Nora Dockson pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals lawyer. She focuses on rescuing women unfairly convicted of killing their loved ones.

Yet she won’t work for the woman who poisoned her husband and partied hard on the insurance proceeds. Privileged and reckless, Hunter Logan can afford any lawyer she wants. She doesn’t need Nora.

But when Nora learns more, she has to take Hunter’s case. Her whole life, Nora’s been getting ready to fight this legal battle—and it’s one she has to win . . .

A Macavity Award finalist acclaimed for “sharp storytelling” (Publishers Weekly), Diana Deverell has “a gift that grabs the reader so one cares about every character in the story” (reader review).

In Open the Door, Diana brings you an intriguing heroine, a minefield of a plot, and an entertaining supporting cast. Buy it today and immerse yourself in a compelling, gritty legal thriller.

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept your referral.” Nora cradled her mug in both hands. “Luckily, your client can easily find someone else qualified to handle her daughter’s appeal.”
Fred pursed his lips and made a clicking sound. “I don’t think my client would find that task easy. After I read through the file and thought about who might be able to help, your name was the only one that came to mind.”
Nora laughed. “We’ve met twice in the past three years. I’m surprised you remember my name.”
“I couldn’t possibly forget you.” He tapped a finger on the file. “Hunter Logan needs your creativity. To me, you’re the obvious choice to craft her appeal from her plea bargain.”
“I’ve pursued successful appeals for two women wrongfully convicted of killing their children. I have several more mother-child homicide cases waiting for my attention.”
Nora set her mug on the table with a firm click. “I won’t take time away from them to venture into spouse-homicide. And I won’t represent someone who has the money to hire another lawyer.”
“I admire your commitment to your clients.”
Fred hesitated and his forehead wrinkled with concern. “However, you seem to be missing a key fact in this matter.”
He slid a finger into the file folder. “Forgive me for breaking the news to you in this way.”
Fred had to apologize for what he was about to reveal?
She felt her stomach muscles clench, her body getting ready for a hard blow.