Blown: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story

Blown - A Dawna Shepher Short Story by Diana Deverell

Dawna’s hot on the trail of a renegade NSA contractor. Mickey Cartwright “blew the whistle” on US cyber surveillance of European leaders and was charged with espionage. Now, he’s emerged from his Russian sanctuary to testify at a European Justice Court.

The Court is meeting secretly in Poland a few miles from the Russian border. Dawna manages to snatch her target and escape into a December blizzard. But others also have plans for Cartwright. With death at their heels, Dawna and her prisoner dash over snow-capped hills and through frosty woods, desperate to outrun a ruthless pursuer.

Editor and best-selling writer Kevin J. Anderson praised “Blown” as an “entertaining spy caper . . . very real and exciting” when he introduced the story in Pulse Pounders, the January 2015 Kobo Special edition of Fiction River anthology magazine.

As a bonus, this ebook of “Blown” also includes “Polonaise: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” originally published in 2001 in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Her first visit to Poland—but not her last.