FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd goes undercover in Romania to bust a criminal gang luring impoverished young women into sexual slavery.

Posing with Police Cadet Stela Dragomir as penniless sisters seeking hotel-maid jobs in Western Europe, the two law enforcement agents hope to force Vlad, the gang’s sleazy recruiter, to expose the organization’s bosses.

A high-stakes operation with one big risk. Dawna doesn’t speak a word of Romanian. Pretending to be both mute and deaf, she can’t open her mouth without blowing her cover.

If Dawna can pull this off, she and Stela will nail Vlad, rescue his latest recruits, and stop his gang from victimizing more women.

But if their plan goes wrong, Dawna and Stela could be shipped to Milan’s movable human auction. Will they end up sold to the highest bidders?

Read “Hokey Pokey Bucuresti: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” and cheer for Dawna and her local-cop partner as they go after some seriously bad dudes.