FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd first appeared in my fiction in Night on Fire, my second international thriller which is set in Denmark during a war between two rival biker gangs.

I enjoy writing about Dawna and she stars in many short stories and comes to the aid of Casey Collins, my thriller heroine, in the next two novels in that series.

In “Foul Trouble”, my eighteenth short mystery story featuring Dawna, she returns to Copenhagen on a temporary assignment to aid the Danish National Police. Her efforts to nail passport fraudsters are undercut by a leaker from her own side.

“Foul Trouble” was just published in BETRAYAL, the seventeenth and newest issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem.


For this issue, nine writers took wildly different takes on the theme of betrayal. The result is great entertainment!

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Jolly is what we want to be during December and FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd is ready to help us get there.

From now through December 24th, her short mystery set during the holiday season is bargain-priced at less than a dollar. For only ninety-nine cents, you get “Boot Scoot: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story.”

Boot Scoot by Diana Deverell

Dawna Shepherd loves her family, working as an FBI Special Agent, and playing basketball.

She’s celebrating Christmas in her home town when a bounty hunter pursues her college student brother home from Lubbock.

Certain that Fugitive Team Leader Tommy O’Brien is chasing the wrong quarry, Dawna stops him cold at the Shepherd front door.

But she knows O’Brien won’t give up. And all her crime-fighter instincts are screaming that the bounty hunter is going to ruin this holiday for someone she loves.

Can law-abiding Dawna find a way to save Christmas?

“Boot Scoot” was a finalist for the 2003 Macavity Award for best mystery short story.

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Let me send you to Siberia!

Cross Siberia en route to Ulan Bator in “Mongol Mash: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story.”

In my latest ebook short story release, Dawna’s in Siberia, traveling with the USA women’s junior basketball team. She’ll join them on the bench at their next crucial game in the capital of Mongolia.

Undercover and unofficial, Dawna acts like a die-hard hoops fan on summer vacation while she tries to solve a big problem for her friend, the team coach.

Someone is sending anonymous email threats to Alyssa, the team’s powerhouse forward, and Alyssa’s not playing well. The team won’t win in Ulan Bator unless the relentless attacks stop.

Dawna keeps an eye out for Alyssa while she struggles to identify the troublemaker in the jam-packed cars of the Trans-Mongolian Railway. A tougher job when she’s targeted by pair of pickpockets riding the same train.

At the last stop before the Mongolian border, Dawna fights off the two thugs on the platform and she misses the moment when Alyssa is injured during practice nearby.

Was the foiled robbery really a well-timed distraction? Is the plot against Alyssa more complex and dangerous than it first appeared?

Alyssa’s already off her game. Can Dawna crack this case before the player ends up out of the game forever?

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