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As a contributor, I got an advance copy of ADVENTURE. I opened that issue to take a glance at what my colleagues wrote. Their stories blew me away! I read every word before I closed it. I can’t wait to read the other three issues.

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We passed our goal and are closing in our first stretch goal. If we reach it by 3:34 AM PST on February 27, everyone at the $40 reward level and above will get a free copy of the Kickstarter Exclusive reprint collection #1 from some of our top authors.

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Distinguished Mystery Story

“Payback is a Bitch” was named a Distinguished Mystery Story of 2018 by Otto Penzler, editor of the The Best American Mystery Stories series. Tangent Online deems the story an “incredibly fast-moving short thriller . . .  the tension doesn’t let up. . .”

In “Payback”, security professional Bella Hinton makes a routine visit to the US Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh and ends up trapped the rear seat of her armored vehicle, surrounded by four bodyguards prepared to sell her to ISIS.

“Payback” sets the stage for Bella’s breakout as lead in the political thriller Bitch Out of Hell.

Buy this ebook short story and hear in Bella’s own salty words what happened that fateful day in Dhaka.

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"Payback is a Bitch", A Distinguished Mystery Story of 2018

The Big Thrill puts me in the hot seat!

The Big Thrill interviewer and fellow thriller writer Don Helin asks great questions! Don gets me to reveal that my new release, Bitch Out of Hell, was inspired by the 2016 presidential election. Don also prods me to explain why my heroine Bella Hinton is the perfect narrator for this fast-paced political thriller. You can read our give-and-take in the April issue of The Big Thrill by clicking on the image below:

Bitch Out of Hell on The Big Thrill