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Grab my new ripped-from-the-headlines thriller and plunge into the chaos of today’s Washington, DC. The greedheads are out to maximize corporate profits but private security professional Bella Hinton is in their way. They figure getting rid of the bitch will be easy.

“Piss-poor at threat assessment,” is how Bella assesses them. She sets out to prove she’s better. You’ll love hearing this story in Bella’s own salty words. Click on the cover below, and follow the universal link to your favorite ebook retailer, and buy Bitch Out of Hell today.

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Bargain advance sale price on new legal thriller.


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Seven years ago, a high-end private security company hired Bella Hinton to stop their bodyguards murdering innocent bystanders while protecting diplomats abroad.

A career security pro, Bella was keeping Americans safe before most of those guards were born. She cleaned house at the company and changed the cowboy culture.

But now, a new team has taken over in Washington. Diplomacy is out. Mercenary armies are the new profit center for the greedheads in charge. And Bella’s in their way.

She survived the incident last year in Dhaka. But has she got what it takes to make it out of DC alive?

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