Eleven tales of stolen cars, the thieves behind them, and what these thefts actually represent, are sure to delight readers of all kinds. Plus an essay about the Agatha Christie serial killer.

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I think you’ll enjoy “Cool Ride”, my story in this issue. I had fun writing it. I revisit a character who originally appeared in the magazine’s second year. The theme required us to set the story at least fifty years in the past. Teddy Junior, as he was then known, was five years old and having his first encounter with the juvenile justice system.

In “Cool Ride”, Ted Tarrant is seventy-eight years old, and as the issue title suggests, has not spent all of his years on the right side of the law. So what’s he up to now?

In other stories in this issue, you’ll joyride with a woman desperate to escape her past. Deal with car thieves who keep stealing your car for an ever-increasing ransom. Delve into the mystery of a car that isn’t really stolen–it just disappears for a while. Or get into a rideshare car that appears to be driven by a zombie (if you dare…)

Surprising takes on this theme from the twisted minds of the MCM syndicate.


My short mystery, “White Nights”, in the current issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem, is the perfect summer read! Enjoy the Danish midnight sun at a retreat designed to ignite the creative energies of the participants. But beware: something is not right in Denmark. Follow the action as creative artist Georgina Featherstone and her sidekick Kelly Newington try to fend off disaster.

“White Nights” is one of nine cozy mysteries in this issue. We all know Sherlock Holmes from Watson’s point of view. These stories feature other grand investigators who need their brilliance explained by their constant companion. And not all crime fighters are human! Many times, the crime is actually solved by the cat, dog, or parrot, though the human takes the credit.

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Cozy Sidekicks


Black Widows, the spring 2022 issue of MYSTERY, CRIME, AND MAYHEM is live!


MCM Black Widows

Eleven mystery writers explore what might be considered the darker side of the fairer sex. My own contribution, “The Failed Femme Fatale”, will surprise you.

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