Low Price for April 2014: Murder, Ken Kesey, and Me

My comic mystery will be on sale for one month! I’m thrilled that I’ll be in Eugene, Oregon during April for induction into my high school Hall of Honor. To celebrate, I’m making this ebook available for a bargain $2.99 – less than half the list price. Check out my plot and you’ll see why a Eugene celebration fits well with Murder, Ken Kesey, and Me.

In the novel, an indie company comes to Oregon to film a movie based on Ken’s life. Eugene location scout Estrella “Star” Stevens stumbles over a dead body and into the crushing embrace of the FBI. She's forced to join their risky investigation of gangland boss and titty bar owner Oscar Quarry. Narrowly escaping death, she's suddenly living her own movie. Will she be a star? Or the next corpse? And which homicidal Oregonian is racking up the body count?



Coming in 2014: Help Me Rhonda

In this legal thriller, Spokane death penalty appeal lawyer Rhonda Dockson battles a committed pro-capital-punishment prosecutor willing to exploit Rhonda’s checkered history to win in court. Rhonda’s battle to free the wrongfully condemned is complicated by her own struggle with the demons in her past. Is the title a plea from her clients? Or her own cry for help?





In Plain Sight: A Dawna Shepherd short story” is now available as an ebook. Fleeing the cops, a wily Ponzi-schemer disguised in a black hat and chin whiskers is hiding among the Plain Folk wintering in a Sarasota suburb nicknamed “the Amish Las Vegas.” Trying to smoke out the fugitive, our FBI Special Agent tangles again with persistent and hunky bounty hunter Tommy O'Brien. Dawna finds herself suiting up with the Florida Suncoast State University women's basketball coach and players to get her man. But which man?

Bonus story: this ebook short also includes “Boot Scoot” in which Dawna first meets Fugitive Team Leader O'Brien. Both stories appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. All of Dawna's early adventures are collected in my ebook Run & Gun: 12 Tales of Girls with Guns.   


Recently released: Run & Gun: A Dozen Tales of Girls with Guns. FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd confronts a Warsaw crime boss, a New York City bounty hunter, and a Homeland Security agent cowboying in the middle of the North Sea, among others. She solves crimes ranging from human trafficking to health care fraud, illegal sports betting, nuclear smuggling, and more. Foiling devious plots from Silicon Valley to Ulan Bator, Dawna shuts down not only the FBI’s most wanted but any crook fool enough to mess with her family.

Eleven of these stories appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. The twelfth is available only in this collection. “Latin Groove,” takes Dawna back to FBI basics—bank robbery—and her home court of Texas. She confronts a bad girl who’s sharp as a pistol and carrying one too.





Updated 03/29/14

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