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We’re back this year with fifty original stories in four great volumes.

Travel to challenging locales: Finland, the Caribbean Islands, Angola, the hell of commuting in Atlanta, surviving Oxford, Africa, New Orleans, and the streets of Seattle like you’ve never seen them.

Dwell in strange times: Ancient China, decaying Babylon, WWII, last week, and the day after tomorrow.

Sit down beside assassins, sailors, everyday people backed into a corner, and one very annoyed Viking super warrior.

Hang with me and more than 30 other writers, including Derringer and “Year’s Best” winners and just plain old awesome storytellers bringing new ​tales to keep you on the edge of  your seat. You’ll find my story, “Sauna Intrigue”, in ADVENTURE, the fall issue of Thrill Ride – the magazine.

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Revisit war-torn El Salvador with junior diplomat Casey Collins. Get a long-awaited glimpse into how Casey’s 1983 confrontation with savagery and danger in Central America shapes her character.

In the midst of civil war, how will she handle the gut-wrenching fear?

Her nature gives her only two choices.

Go numb and avoid trouble.

Or live life with every nerve end tingling …

Ride along with Casey in my short story “Shut Your Eyes and You’ll Be Fine”, as she decides what to do.

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This short and compelling story introduces Casey Collins and is a pivotal addition to the five thriller novels that take place in the next twenty  years of her career.