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We’re back this year with fifty original stories in four great volumes.

Travel to challenging locales: Finland, the Caribbean Islands, Angola, the hell of commuting in Atlanta, surviving Oxford, Africa, New Orleans, and the streets of Seattle like you’ve never seen them.

Dwell in strange times: Ancient China, decaying Babylon, WWII, last week, and the day after tomorrow.

Sit down beside assassins, sailors, everyday people backed into a corner, and one very annoyed Viking super warrior.

Hang with me and more than 30 other writers, including Derringer and “Year’s Best” winners and just plain old awesome storytellers bringing new ​tales to keep you on the edge of  your seat. You’ll find my story, “Sauna Intrigue”, in ADVENTURE, the fall issue of Thrill Ride – the magazine.

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I look forward to taking another great Thrill Ride with you!

THRILL RIDE MAGAZINE’s first year begins March 21st!

Our Kickstarter funded. Many thanks to all who backed the campaign!

We’re well on the way to hitting our first stretch goal. And when we do, everyone who pledges $40 or more will get for FREE a Kickstarter Exclusive collection of 10 thriller short stories (eBook) from some of our top authors. Prize winners, year’s best, and just plain awesome.

Join secret military operations, witness acts of heroism by young girls, grown women, and an ex-business-partner’s daughter. Survive a plane crash, outsmart Chinese secret agents, and survive the Serengeti. We’ve got it all!

But the stretch reward isn’t the only goodie offered exclusively to campaign backers.

First, whether you purchase one or four issues in any format through this Kickstarter, you will receive yours two weeks before fans who buy individual issues from bookstores. Early delivery is an exclusive reward for Kickstarter supporters!

Second, you’ll be credited for your support in the backs of every issue you buy.

Third, you can choose to have a villain named for you. You can choose to be a villain in a single issue or in all four issues in print and ebook.

Fourth, you can order the four hardback limited-edition issues which are sold exclusively through the Kickstarter.

Fifth, is a double whammy: You can order the four hardback limited issues AND be named as a villain in every one!

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