The latest issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem brings you ten new short mysteries dealing with cold cases.

It may be the one case that never closed, that’s always haunted the storytellers.

Or one that someone dumped in their lap, because new evidence has brought it back to life.


The case remains cold. The clues growing moldy, or nonexistent.

But our heroes still move forward, trying to find the answer.

Those who are gone deserve no less.


Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem - Cold Cases

“Love Child” is my contribution to this issue. The story features a ninety-year-old widow with a mystery long buried in her past and DNA test results that may hold the solution. You’ll enjoy this story!

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My short mystery, “White Nights”, in the current issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem, is the perfect summer read! Enjoy the Danish midnight sun at a retreat designed to ignite the creative energies of the participants. But beware: something is not right in Denmark. Follow the action as creative artist Georgina Featherstone and her sidekick Kelly Newington try to fend off disaster.

“White Nights” is one of nine cozy mysteries in this issue. We all know Sherlock Holmes from Watson’s point of view. These stories feature other grand investigators who need their brilliance explained by their constant companion. And not all crime fighters are human! Many times, the crime is actually solved by the cat, dog, or parrot, though the human takes the credit.

You’ll have fun with this issue! To get your copy, click on the cover below or follow this universal link to your favorite online bookseller.

Cozy Sidekicks


Jolly is what we want to be during December and FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd is ready to help us get there.

From now through December 24th, her short mystery set during the holiday season is bargain-priced at less than a dollar. For only ninety-nine cents, you get “Boot Scoot: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story.”

Boot Scoot by Diana Deverell

Dawna Shepherd loves her family, working as an FBI Special Agent, and playing basketball.

She’s celebrating Christmas in her home town when a bounty hunter pursues her college student brother home from Lubbock.

Certain that Fugitive Team Leader Tommy O’Brien is chasing the wrong quarry, Dawna stops him cold at the Shepherd front door.

But she knows O’Brien won’t give up. And all her crime-fighter instincts are screaming that the bounty hunter is going to ruin this holiday for someone she loves.

Can law-abiding Dawna find a way to save Christmas?

“Boot Scoot” was a finalist for the 2003 Macavity Award for best mystery short story.

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