The latest issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem brings you ten new short mysteries dealing with cold cases.

It may be the one case that never closed, that’s always haunted the storytellers.

Or one that someone dumped in their lap, because new evidence has brought it back to life.


The case remains cold. The clues growing moldy, or nonexistent.

But our heroes still move forward, trying to find the answer.

Those who are gone deserve no less.


Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem - Cold Cases

“Love Child” is my contribution to this issue. The story features a ninety-year-old widow with a mystery long buried in her past and DNA test results that may hold the solution. You’ll enjoy this story!

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Long Ago, the current volume of MYSTERY, CRIME, AND MAYHEM is on sale now!

Long Ago (MCM Issue 7

Ten gripping stories appear from all over the map and the calendar, from Ancient Egypt to sixteenth-century Venice with a stopover in 1964 Budapest.

The writers also take you to the Arizona territory and mid-1800s Illinois, plus twentieth-century Minnesota, Arkansas, Illinois, Nevada, and, in my tale, Oregon.

My brand-new short story “Shattered” is in this issue. A nut-tree farmer accuses two preschool kids in a quiet small town neighborhood of criminal mischief. The incident shatters more than a set of taillights for their fictional mother.

Discover the many ways throughout history that crimes occur—and get resolved.

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