Laugh your way into 2019!

Laugh with Odin, the robot vacuum cleaner who narrates my new short story, “Clean and Godly in Denmark”.

Odin is a robot vacuum cleaner one meter in diameter with a shiny black cover. He works for Danish seniors.

You can find my story in Fiction River: Hard Choices available from all major ebook retailers.

As I told the anthology editor, in my little village, Danish seniors have government-supplied robot vacuum cleaners to help them live independently.

My elderly neighbors seem very fond of their tireless helpers, often talking to them like old friends.

To which he replied, “Yeah, what could go wrong there?”


Find out who dies and who survives by clicking on the cover below and following the link to an ebook vendor with a copy of the magazine for you!

Praises for “Payback is a Bitch”

"Payback is a Bitch" appears in Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown


Tangent Online’s reviewer praises Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown and writes that my story is “incredibly fast-moving. The reader is immediately pulled into the action and the tension doesn’t let up even at the end.

The reviewer says Pulse Pounders is aptly named and the “selection of tales is fast-paced and explosive. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of thrills and excitement.”

You can read the complete review in Tangent Online.

The anthology is now available in paperback from Amazon.

All new Pulse Pounder for you!

I wrote my thriller short story “Payback is a Bitch” more than two years ago and this week it’s out in Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown. My first sale to Fiction River was also to editor Kevin J. Anderson for his first compilation of stories that “keep your pulse racing until the very end.”

“Payback” inspired me to write Bitch Out of Hell and characters in that political thriller refer often to Bella Hinton’s problem in Dhaka. The novel includes an excerpt from the story. Finally, you can get all the details!

Click on the cover below to reach an online vendor with a copy for you!

"Payback is a Bitch" appears in Fiction River: Pulse Pounders: Countdown