Kent desperately needs hands-on experience with Spokane County’s updated electronic Pawn Database System.

To get it, he investigates a minor crime way below his pay grade. A veteran cop, he’s sure he’ll identify the culprit who stole a precious family heirloom from salon owner LaNoir Kennedy.

Unfortunately, LaNoir waited a month before reporting the theft. Taking her case will give Kent the re-training he needs but he doubts he’ll recover her treasured family heirloom.

Can LaNoir live with that unhappy outcome?

More important, can Kent?

Read “Gone Gold: A Short Story” and have fun crime-solving with Kent.

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Enjoy a new short mystery!

Enjoy “Spokane Sting” on line for free. Rookie Washington State Trooper Andrea Clark, a supporting player in my legal thrillers, takes center stage in this short mystery story. Underage college students and other kids in car-dependent Spokane County are using fake IDs to buy legal pot and booze and state troopers are watching the traffic fatalities mount. Andrea goes undercover to catch the counterfeiter supplying the killer driver’s licenses.

You can read the story for free in Kings River Life online magazine.

I wrote the story to get to know Andrea better. The action takes place between Hear My Plea and Judge Me Not. You’ll enjoy getting to know Andrea, too!

Hear My Plea Cover - Diana Deverell
Meet rookie Washington State Trooper Andrea Cooper!
Judge Me Not
Andrea’s career takes off!