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Maybe you’ve read Help Me Nora, the first book in my Nora Dockson legal thriller series. Now, you’d like to get to know the scrappy appeals lawyer better. This is your lucky day because I want to make it easy for you to find out what happens next!

For a limited time you can buy a box set of the first three books in the series for the same price you’d pay for a separate edition of Right the Wrong or Hear My Plea.  That’s right, get all three books for less than four US dollars and dive into a deep and lasting relationship with Nora!

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New Nora Dockson thriller!

Lay Bare the Lie, the new legal thriller featuring appeals lawyer Nora Dockson is ready for July 1 release! You can preorder now at the bargain advance sale price. To reach the right page at your favorite ebook vendor, follow this universal link.

An ex-con, Nora Dockson pulled herself out of the gutter and became an appeals lawyer. She works only for convicted felons. She’s sure her current client didn’t murder his wife. The jury was misled by testimony from an expert witness who reconstructed the crime based on bloodstain patterns. She’ll prove the so-called expert made leaps of logic incompatible with the latest forensic science.

But a family emergency pulls her away from the case and back to her unsavory roots. Events spiral out of control. Instead of arguing in a courtroom, she’s once again on the dangerous turf of her childhood. And this time she may not escape alive.

Preorder Lay Bare the Lie today at a special price and start enjoying this captivating legal thriller on July 1, 2019.

Fight for Justice

Join Nora’s fight to free the wrongfully imprisoned and bring justice to her sisters and brothers behind bars. Start this captivating legal series with Help Me Nora. Through September 17, the ex-con lawyer’s first outing is bargain priced worldwide at only $1.99. Buy now and dive into this five volume series.


The first Nora Dockson legal thriller


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