Enjoy my only ghost story!

"Turquoise Trail: A Short Story is now available as a standalone ebook from most online vendors.

“Turquoise Trail: A Short Story”, which I wrote on assignment for an anthology magazine, is now available as a standalone ebook.

My editor wanted to hear about a troubled teenager who is offered a chance to wish his worries away. I’m skeptical about magical events.

To make the fantastic element credible, I had to set the story in the most magical place I know.

As soon as I started writing, ghosts popped into the story. I followed one to a sunset evening on Santa Fe County’s Turquoise Trail and let the tale play out.

The happy ending makes this story just right for the season!

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Magic in the universe?

Magic is what fifteen-year-old Shane Harrison needs to solve the tough problem he’s facing. Lucky for him that my short story “Turquoise Trail” takes place in New Mexico, a magical landscape where wishes really can come true.

You’ll find Shane’s story and fifteen other tales of teens trying to wish away their problems in Fiction River: Wishes, an anthology that promises to lift your spirits and remind you just how much magic the universe offers.



Digital edition available from most ebook vendors.

Coming soon in paperback from Amazon.