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The first Casey Collins international thriller
12 Drummers Drumming

Read a new Casey Collins short story!

An all new glimpse into Casey’s first assignment abroad! Casey’s serving at the US embassy in San Salvador, a very scary place to be in January, 1983. Can she handle the fear?

“Shut Your Eyes and You’ll Be Fine” is in the current issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine

You can buy a paperback copy of the August issue from Amazon.

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Boogie with Kings River Life!

“Black Powder Boogie” appears in this week’s edition of Kings River Life magazine. It’s my only short story featuring both Dawna and Casey. Action takes place in Budapest thirteen months before 9/11. Heroines of separate crime series, the two get ready to have a major blast together. Naturally, they disagree. Which woman has the most dangerous job?

An early reader comments, “Interesting setting, great read, super start to the day.” Follow this link to read the whole story online.

Black Powder Boogie: Mystery Short Story