Released December 17, 2014: Cooking Up Stories: Favorite Recipes from the Oregon Writers Network

Cooking Up Stories

Writers live in a strange world — they tend to sit at their computers and make things up all day. Often, especially during the moments when writing in “the zone,” life outside the story ceases to exist.
But even writers have to eat. Since I often feed my fellow wordsmiths, I contributed my potluck recipe for Hot and Zesty Vegetable Stew, robust enough to please the carnivorous, but safely enjoyed by those who prefer other dining genres.
From Procrastinator’s Bread to Deadline Chicken — come along for an inside look at some of the top recipes that help keep writers writing!*
Everyone who worked on this cookbook, including Lucky Bat Books staff, donated their time, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Beach Bark, an organization of animal lovers who work with the Central Coast Humane Society for the benefit of animals in north Lincoln County, Oregon.
* Includes story excerpts and writerly musing

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Help Me Nora – my first legal thriller

Help Me Nora Book Cover

From white trash to death penalty appeal attorney, Nora Dockson is sworn to tell the truth. But will she stick with her oath when only deception can save her innocent client?

This is the first in my series of legal thrillers featuring Nora Dockson. I’m hard at work on Right the Wrong, the second book, scheduled for release in early 2015.

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New Release Date – Coming January 20, 2015: “Blown”

My short story “Blown” is in the Kobo Special Edition of Pulse Pounders, the January 2015 issue of FICTION RIVER themed anthology magazine. FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd shares the spotlight with a Polish cop and a pair of spooks in a US-Russia showdown in snow-covered rural Poland.

FR Kobo Special Edition Pulse Pounders ebook cover

Follow the link below to pre-order your copy. My story is available only in the Kobo Special Edition and links to free apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, (Kindle and Nook), Macs/PCs, Blackberry and other devices are available here:

Pre-order FICTION RIVER here.