Just Released: My ebook short story “Blown”

Blown book cover

FBI Agent Dawna Shepherd is hunting a renegade NSA contractor who blew the whistle on US cyber surveillance of European leaders and was charged with espionage. Now, he’s emerged from his Russian sanctuary to testify at a European Justice Court meeting secretly in Poland. Dawna and her team manage to snatch her target and make a courageous dash through a December blizzard, but a ruthless pursuer is closing in. His goal: kill them all.

“Blown” was first published last January in the Kobo Special Edition of Pulse Pounders Fiction River anthology magazine. Editor and best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson called the story an “entertaining spy caper . . . very real and exciting”. You can buy “Blown: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” from these ebook vendors:









drone in flight 2

An ebook edition of my latest Dawna Shepherd short story is on the way!

Drones appear in the first line of “Blown”, a short mystery story published in Fiction River earlier this year:

“Monday night at eight-fifty-five, Polish time, a covey of midget helicopters burst through the half-open clerestory windows in the banquet hall. FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd kicked into arrest mode.”

I thought that was good enough reason to post this terrific photo of the Janester, owned by long-time friend Bill and photographed from his buddy George’s quad-copter flying close by. In July, I’ll release an ebook edition of “Blown: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story”.

Podcast about RIGHT THE WRONG

Crime fiction reviewer Stephen Campbell invited me to tell him about my second Nora Dockson legal thriller, Right the Wrong. We talked about why I was drawn to the character of a convicted felon who becomes an appeals attorney. I wanted to understand how that troubled history equips her to battle with unusual effectiveness for her down-and-out clients. I explained that in telling her story, I discovered that I’m also writing from my heart. You can hear a podcast of the interview starting May 18, 2015, at CrimeFiction.FM  Also available for download from iTunes podcasts


Right the Wrong - A Nora Dockson Legal Thriller by Diana Deverell