Sail from Bergen to Newcastle with FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd!

In this month’s ebook release, Dawna tracks a rat riding the Danish ferry from Norway to England.

Not a stinky rodent, but her completely odorless partner, a Homeland Security Agent with a hidden agenda.

What’s the agent’s real goal? And why is he keeping her in the dark?

He must believe she’ll oppose his plan. Which means she has to stop him before he heads this minicruise into disaster.

“Dirty Bop to Blighty” was originally published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. A three-part serialized condensed version appeared in The Norwegian-American and you can read it online for free in these three issues from 2016:

Part 1 – July 28

Part 2 – August 9

Part 3 – August 23

If you want to own the complete story in a single ebook, you can buy “Dirty Bop to Blighty: A Dawna Shepherd Short Story” from these online retailers by following this link.

Have fun readin’ and cruisin’!