Diana Deverell has stories in issues 2, 3, and 4 of THRILL RIDE - THE MAGAZINE


My terrific trip through THRILL RIDE’s launch year isn’t over yet. BETRAYAL, the magazine’s winter issue is out on December 21, 2023. Thirteen authors responded to the call for stories about what happens when whoever is most trusted, proves to be the opposite.  Sound like the perfect opportunity for a great holiday thriller doesn’t it?

My story “Rotten Apple” is set in Manhattan on the first Friday night in December, 1971. My heroine faces a betrayal head-on and surprises herself by how she deals with it. I’m delighted to share a table of contents with award-winning authors such as David Bruns, Brandon DuBois, and David H. Hendrickson.

Buy your copy now in ebook or paperback. Just click on my photo above or on the cover below and follow the universal link to your favorite online bookseller.


Betrayal, the winter issue of THRILL RIDE - THE MAGAZINE on sale now!

You’ll find my stories “Under the Influence of Elmore Leonard” in UNLIKELY PARTNERS (THRILL RIDE #2) and “Spooked” in NO W.W.M. (THRILL RIDE #3).

Look for more thrilling stories from THRILL RIDE – THE MAGAZINE in the four issues coming in 2024.