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Right the Wrong by Diana Deverell cover


Nora Dockson got out of prison and became a lawyer. Her clients are already behind bars. She’s fighting to free two men sentenced to life for murders they didn’t commit. In a broken criminal justice system, she breaks the rules. And sees a way to expose the lies. Then, her bad-girl past roars into her present. And Nora’s got a tougher challenge: Can she dodge the Devil this time?

This is my second legal thriller featuring the scrappy Spokane attorney. The first is Help Me Nora. I plan to publish a third book in the series in November, 2015.

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What a deal! Three acclaimed international thrillers in a single ebook for only $8.99—half the cost of buying them separately!

Join Casey Collins on a twisting ride through post-Cold War Europe as events sweep her off her State Department desk job and into action.

Here’s what my favorite ambassador wrote after he read the first book in this trilogy and understood that more would follow:

“12 Drummers Drumming is a dynamite action thriller. It kept me up well past my bedtime. I could not put it down. Had to find out how Casey Collins, its FSO heroine, thwarts a Libyan terrorist plot. Since I served in San Salvador with Diana quite a while ago, I could be biased in my favorable appraisal of her book, but I don’t think so. She writes in the first person, purporting still to be a Foreign Service Officer, working in the Secretary’s Office of Counterterrorism. Drawing lightly on her State Department background and heavily on a vivid imagination, her tale of adventure is gripping . . . all of this is lightly spiced with sex and heavily seasoned with violent deaths, mostly, but not entirely, of bad guys. All in all, the Foreign Service’s loss of Diana Deverell is a great gain for readers of international thrillers. Best of all, she is working on a new novel.”  Deane R. Hinton, Career Ambassador (ret.)

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Released January 20, 2015: Kobo Special Edition of Pulse Pounders, a FICTION RIVER magazine themed anthology

Kobo Special Edition Pulse Pounders Cover 

Starts with a bang.

Ends with a bang.

And a lot of bang in between.

Ranging from straight thriller to science fiction, fantasy to pulp adventure, these page-turners show why Publishers Weekly says, “fans of the unconventional will be well satisfied.”

The Kobo Special Edition of Pulse Pounders is available only through Kobo.

It’s the ebook I recommend: Same price, three additional stories – and one of them is mine!

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