Celebrate my anniversary!

This month marks the 19th anniversary of the day I launched my first Casey Collins thriller. I’m celebrating the 1998 release of 12 Drummers Drumming. For this party, I put new covers on all the novels and short stories in the series!

And I put the box set with the first three Casey Collins thrillers on sale for one week. Bargain price ends July 25.

Follow this universal link to your favorite ebook retailer and take a peek inside The Casey Collins Trilogy

Celebrate an anniversary with Casey Collins
The Casey Collins Trilogy * 12 Drummers Drumming * Night on Fire * East Past Warsaw

Thriller releases Dec. 5!

Ex-con Nora Dockson broke free from her trailer park roots and went to law school. She works only for convicted felons, trying to force a flawed system to treat them fairly.

But can she — should she? — help Silvia Simon?

The young single mother insists she’s not guilty of arson-murder. But investigators determined only Silvia could’ve started the fire. The prosecutor argued that Silvia set it to kill her daughter.

Were they wrong? Or is Silvia lying?

In Judge Me Not, Nora finds herself at the murky junction where arson myths and bad-mother stereotypes collide with modern science. This engrossing legal thriller illuminates the problem facing vulnerable women accused of crimes that cannot be overturned by DNA evidence.

Judge Me Not

To dive into Judge Me Not on launch date, December 5, 2016, preorder from the ebook retailers below at the bargain advance sale price.